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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attitude Wins a Starbucks Card

Upon picking up Hope from gymnastics on Tuesday she informs me her coach has been really stressed out this week and the following conversation ensued:

Hope:  Mom, Shannon has been SO stressed all week!  You HAVE to buy her a Starbucks card so she won't be crabby anymore.

Me:  Well, I'm pretty stressed out and crabby a lot and no one buys me a Starbucks card.  (yes, I know... this is a good self reflection moment - there is an opportunity for improvement here but that is totally not the point of this story!)

Hope: (pausing just briefly...) yeah... (slowly spoken) that wouldn't help you (again, drawn out with pursed lips and a tilted head as if I were insane for even suggesting something so simple could make me happy).

Me:  (raised eyebrows and at a loss for words because I know my response was totally inappropriate and I got called on the table...)

And then I busted up laughing (uncontrollably) and bought Shannon a Starbucks card just so I could share this hilarious story with her coach who encounters Hope's attitude more often than not. 

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